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Frequently Asked Questions

What does somatic coaching entail?

Somatic coaching is an one on one hour long session via Zoom. Creating a safe container for clients to be with what is most alive entails honoring privacy. All sessions are held in a quiet private work space. I ask that any accessibility needs be made clear to allow for more ease and presence during our sessions. We will meet weekly or every other week to work towards embodying and aligning body, mind and sprit towards what you are longing for from coaching.

How many sessions are typical for transformation?

We may spend the first couple of sessions arriving at what is called the goal or "commitment" you are working towards in our time together. Afterwards, each session is organized around that committment allowing room for what is the most pertinent for the session to be our focus. Most clients achieve a level of transformation after 10 sessions. Our time together is dynamic and will also inform us if more or less sessions are needed from that point on.

Do I need to prepare anything before starting?

The simple answer is no. The more elegant answer would be that you have already been preparing for this all of your life. In the somatic world we name all that we repeat and do in life as practice. In fact as most athletes or musicians will tell you, it takes 300 times of doing something for it to become an habit while it takes 3000 times of doing something for it to become embodied. We are all embodied in many ways. Somatic coaching helps us with embodying a new way of being that is more aligned to what we care about in life.

What is the cost of somatic coaching?

I offer a sliding scale that uses class distinctions to allow for more equitability and accessibility to all who seek somatic coaching towards healing. Please use the link to identify your class experience(s).

For non-profit organizations serving BIPOC, queer and trans communities, please contact me directly to inquire about our available programs through In Her Vision Foundation

What does Politicized somatic healing mean?

In the realm of recognizing all that shapes and informs each person, a politicized view is one that recognizes how systems of privilege, oppression and trauma impact each of us as individuals and as a society.

How is this different than psychotherapy?

Somatic coaching works with and through the body to help the client achieve new patterns of behavior that are more aligned to what is relevant and cared about. Albeit this can result in healing and lasting change, it is not and does not replace psychotherapy.

Do you offer group consultations or workshops?

If you are a movement organizer or are part of an organization working towards social equity please email me directly to inquire regarding specific tailored somatic workshops that meet your needs. 

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