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Whether you have arrived here intentionally or by chance, I hope that you find the answers you seek.

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soma - (greek origin) meaning body

soma - in the world of somatic coaching we refer to the mind, body and spirit / energy / life-force as the soma

Somatic coaching allows for more to be revealed through the soma such that the change and transformation we seek can become embodied and fully part of our being.


" I am a commitment to healing shame and ​trauma for the sake of embodied joy and liberation." 



As we learn more about the life of our body and what it stores as memories, emotions, moods, and historical narratives, we can build awareness of our lived experiences. Through somatic coaching we increase our awareness to then bring more intentional action. We set centered boundaries, make more centered requests and are more at choice with the actions we take in our lives. 

For those who seek lasting change, aspire to act from a place that is more aligned to what you care about and are open to recognizing patterns keeping you from making effective change.. somatic coaching can be a supportive path towards embodying transformation.

My Story

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I am a certified somatic coach through the Strozzi Institute, and have been in the health and wellness realm for over 25 years. I bring an embodied understanding of the social context that shapes each and everyone of us, honoring and recognizing systems of privilege, oppression and inequity. 
A first generation immigrant from Iran, I identify as a queer woman of color who is a daughter, sister, mother and partner living on borrowed land from the Eno, Occaneechi and Saponi tribes.

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